Mantra Mandala Cup of Skulls


Contemporary Mantra Mandala Cup of Skulls with three seed syllable OM AH HUM repeated 5x in Lantsa style.


Om Ah Hum have no conceptual meaning.

Om is often regarded as being the primeval sound, and in fact the sound-symbol of reality itself. It represents the universal principle of enlightenment.

Ah, in traditional explanations, is usually said to be connected with speech (more about that in a moment) but in Sanskrit “ah” is a verb meaning “to express , signify ; to call (by name).” So it suggests evoking, or calling forth, the manifestation of enlightenment.

Hum is often thought of as representing the manifestation of enlightenment in the individual human being. This may be a complete coincidence, but hum is similar to the first person singular “aham,” which means of course “I.”

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This piece was created from an original handmade piece. This authentic drawing is available for purchase as a download of a digital file ready for printing.

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