The seed syllable HUM in u-chen style in Tibetan calligraphy that represents the union of the mind of all Buddhas.

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Syllable HUM in u-chen style in Tibetan calligraphy:

“The syllable HUM is the direct experience of our original essence free from any mental elaboration or construction, absolute naked nature, vast, free and luminous.” Hung awakens the natural and original wisdom of our minds through the invocation of the enlightened mind of the Buddhas. It represents the transformation of the ordinary mind into an awakened mind, freely and spontaneously natural. It symbolizes the aspect of ceaseless luminosity, replete with potentials and qualities of mind. – Lama Jigme Lhawang

Tattoo piece
This piece was created from an original handmade piece. This authentic drawing is available for purchase as a download of a digital file ready for printing.

Instructions and features
When you click Buy, this part will automatically be added to your shopping cart where you can finalize the payment. You will receive an email notification with the necessary data to access and download the high resolution 300 dpi A4 size paper in .PDF format. It is set up and ready for printing, so your tattoo artist can use it as a template for your tattoo. The size and scale of the file can be changed by the tattoo artist, to their own specifications.

File characteristics
300dpi .PDF digital file in high resolution ready to print the size of an A4 sheet.

*After payment, the file will be available for 7 days to download.