I’m Jigme Wangchuck (Leonardo Ota), Brazilian, 32 years old. I Practice and study Tibetan language and calligraphy as meditation and mind training since 2013.

My teachers are Lama Jigme Lhawang (Tibetan language and Dharma Master) and Tashi Mannox (Tibetan calligraphy master). With Tashi Mannox he has already held workshops in Italy (in Venice and Tuscany in November 2014) and with Lama Jigme Lhawang he studies the Tibetan language and makes retreats for meditation. Both receive guidance and direct support in a personal or virtual way.

Already applied workshops in Minas Gerais, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Lima in Peru. He was also invited to exhibit his works at the 2nd calligraphy and typography festival of Lima / Peru in September 2015 organized by ICPNA (Peruvian North American Cultural Institute). At the same time in Lima he was invited to participate in the international congress “Design Agent of Change 2015” organized by USIL (San Ignacio de Loyola University) where he offered 1 conference for more than 500 people and 3 workshops.

In June 2017 I was invited by Tibet House Brazil, an institution founded by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, for the preservation of Tibetan cultural aspects. It was a great honor to have a workshop and to share a little of what I’m learning.


Tashi Mannox – My teacher of Tibetan Calligraphy

I am a student of the Tibetan calligraphy artist and great human being Tashi Mannox. I had the opportunity to do 2 workshops in Italy with him in November 2014 and today I maintain regular contacts following his guidelines on learning in Tibetan calligraphy in all its aspects, both technical and contemplative (such as mind training).

Tashi Mannox is English and currently lives in England. He was, in his youth, an orderly monk of Tibetan Buddhism. He practiced Tibetan art and calligraphy for more than 20 years just by copying Tibetan manuscripts and only after all these years of practice did he begin to teach and make pieces of art. He lives by applying calligraphy workshops around the world and also exposes his work at various international events. About Tashi Mannox.


Lama Jigme Lhawang – My Dharma teacher and Tibetan language

Dear Lama Jigme Lhawang (Gabriel Jaeger) is a Brazilian, meditation teacher, translator, therapist and a lama (spiritual leader) of the Himalayan Buddhist tradition. Lived and trained for 10 years between India and Nepal. Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Buddhist and Himalayan Studies from Kathmandu University, he is also an oral and literary translator of the Tibetan language to English and Portuguese. He is the official representative of His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa for Drukpa Lineage in Brazil and President of Honor of the Live to Love Brazil Institute.

The Lama, besides being my teacher of Tibetan language and meditation, is also my spiritual master within the Drukpa lineage of Himalayan Buddhism. I owe a great part of my career as a calligrapher to him for always nurturing and believing in this artistic, cultural and spiritual path. More about Lama Jigme Lhawang.

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